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Retirement Planning: why women need to save more than men

It's not just the level of income that affects how much you are saving for retirement. Using KiwiSaver as an example, here are some key reasons that women may need to put more effort into saving for retirement than men.

Leaving the nest: Helping young adults navigate their financial world

With high property prices, rising living costs and some degree of uncertainty about retirement, financial planning is a crucial skill to have.

So here are some crucial lessons you can teach your teenagers – with our help, if you want!

Five bad financial habits – and how to fix them

Bad financial habits not only sabotage your savings – but they could also sabotage your chances of getting a home loan approved. Check out this quick guide to improve the health of your savings. (Spoiler alert: there is no mention of giving up the lattes.)

Think you can't buy your first home? Think again!

For those of you who thought you’d never be able to buy your own home, here’s some good news...

What is a mortgage adviser?

House hunting can be a fun adventure, and like any adventure, it may have its own twists and turns, bumps and pits. The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone.

Nine smart ways to save money at the supermarket

Like to shave dollars off your grocery bill without compromising on taste and quality? Here are some great tips to make your food budget go further…

Your insurance advice helped us when it mattered most

We never want to see anyone have to use their life or trauma insurance. When life happened for this client we were at least able to help in a small way, and thought his words were worth sharing with you.

Help the Bay’s rescue helicopter succeed

Join Cole Murray as a client before 31 December 2018 and we'll make an extra donation to the rescue helicopter^. It's one small way we can give back, in celebration of the Cole Murray Cape Kidnappers Trail Run.

VIP Offer: Be the Cole Murray Crew for 2018

Beautiful, spectacular private farmland. A walk or run challenge that benefits some hard-working local charities. Plus the VIP treatment laid on by Cole Murray. Here's how our clients can get the VIP promo code and join the "Cole Murray Crew" for 2018.

We're finalists: Hastings City Celebration Awards (Outstanding Professional Services)

After a spontaneous entry into the competition, Cole Murray have been named finalists in the Hastings City Celebration Awards. Share our journey here...

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