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How to help your kids into home ownership - made simple

In this article we highlight two of the most common ways of helping your children into their first home. Read more

Changes to the Health & Safety Act could be leaving you exposed

The recent amendment to the Health and Safety Act changes who is responsible for a loss and also increases the fine associated to the loss. Read more

Thinking of buying? 3 reasons to get on the property ladder now!

This presents a real opportunity for anyone thinking of buying to start now, as time is a key factor in securing a good purchase price. Read more

How to make the most of your KiwiSaver: the 5 must-do's!

It's great that Kiwis are becoming more and more engaged in planning for their future. With life expectancy rising in New Zealand, making a few key decisions now can really... Read more

KiwiSaver 101: How to access your account online

Clients with a Booster KiwiSaver scheme can access their balances at any time - and there's lots of other neat things you can check too!If you've got a Booster KiwiSaver... Read more

Self-employed at tax time: How to strip the ACC levies

It's that painful invoice that is so often assumed as a given - after all you have to pay it, right? What many people may not realise is that you... Read more

Empower your Employees Financially

Did you know that if your employees are experiencing high debt stress, they will spend 1 hour per day (or 13% of their workday) dealing with money issues? Read more

Retirement and Financial Planning

Haven't given much thought to your plans for retirement and financial planning? You're not alone. Around 44% of New Zealander's still haven't joined KiwiSaver - and of those, aside from... Read more

KiwiSaver at work: 7 ways to set your KiwiSaver up for a win

Starting a new job or negotiating an existing contract is a great time to optimise your KiwiSaver plan and set yourself up for the retirement of your dreams. Read more

Is it time to bring your Aussie Super home?

When transferring your Aussie Super to KiwiSaver is it simply just a case of filling out the forms and waiting for the funds to arrive, or is there more to the decision? 

Here are 6 key considerations that need to be looked into when moving your Australian Super back to KiwiSaver.

Read more

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