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Stepped or Level Insurance Premiums? What works for you?

Life insurance – it’s an important choice, and one of its key components is short and long-term affordability. Learn whether Stepped or Level Premiums might be right for you.

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Six things to know about KiwiSaver

Keeping your KiwiSaver top-of-mind makes sense. If you’re familiar with the basics, but could do with expanding your KiwiSaver knowledge, read on for six (of the many) things to know.

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Dollars and Sense (No. 1) - Feel the fear & ask yourself four questions

In this monthly column Mike will answer some of those common questions and give you down to earth, realistic and workable financial advice. So, why is having a plan important?

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What to expect before you’re expecting – the 6-step baby plan you can’t be without

We all know babies and children cost money, but with a bit of fore-thought and planning you can mentally (and financially) prepare. Here are the 6-steps you (or your loved ones) need to know.

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What happens if I die without a Will?

It's smart to take some control over what happens when you die, and everyone has assets of some sort (even KiwiSaver and Life Insurance are assets!). Here's what you need to know about providing for your family when you go.

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How to Adult: KiwiSaver tips (for anyone new to it)

Fancy yourself as someone who might retire early? Want to do it better than your parents did perhaps? All of these things are achievable if you make the right moves now - learn how KiwiSaver can help you get there!

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Why mortgage advisers are better positioned to maximise the bank’s offerings than ever before

Big changes are happening out there in the banking world, with technology playing a greater part in all of our lives. Here's how Mortgage Advisers can provide the advantage for you.

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Retirement age - the age-old issue!

The retirement age will soon be increased to 67. The NZ population is ageing so what can we as a society do about it? And what does it mean for your own prospects for retirement? Let's take a look!

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Moving on up - how to buy & sell your home in today's market

Ever thought about picking up and moving to a new home? Whatever your reason for dreaming these aspirational dreams, you may still be unsure how to actually go about it, or whether you have enough equity in your current home to allow yourself to get excited. If so, this article has been written for you.

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Saving for a home? Why you need to consider your KiwiSaver set-up.

Putting money away in a bank account is one thing, but gearing up your KiwiSaver so that it’s optimised for a house purchase is another.  Are you prepared if the markets fall and you lose a chunk of your investment right before you go to buy the house? Find out what you need to know here.

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