Helping you succeed in life's financial journey


What is a financial plan? (and how it can help you do things!)

Most of the time when New Zealanders think of financial planning they think retirement planning or investments.

Finally! House buyers have a spring in their step

Could it be that the investors are re-evaluating their position after recent changes to LVR restrictions (meaning they have to put more of their own funds into the purchase)? Or...

26 years a Life Insurance Adviser - Jeremy Cole

Jeremy Cole started out his career as a life insurance adviser in 1990 - fresh-faced and excited to be working for himself.

Client story: Life Insurance Adviser to the rescue!

It's times like these when, as life insurance advisers, we really love what we do. We decided to share this story, with personal details left out, to show just how...

Take our advice: get onto your KiwiSaver savings!

Some of you may have watched the TV programme on retirement by Nigel Latta recently (if not you can find the link on Cole Murray's facebook page) – it's some...

3 signs you need an Investment Adviser

Others simply don't know where to start! An Investment Adviser can work with you to create personalised investment and wealth generation solutions.

How keeping your life insurance premiums level could save you thousands!

Let's look at three examples where people have saved themselves tens of thousands of dollars in the long run by locking in some level life insurance.

Refer a friend - an offer from Anthony

As an Insurance Adviser I believe that a strong relationship needs integrity, trust and the ability to rely on each other, as this will be the difference in the moments...

Are the banks' insurance policies inferior?

It can be very easy to overlook the fine print, especially when you're getting a bank-issued insurance policy that goes hand in hand with something as document-heavy as a mortgage...

Helping to get Kiwis on the right financial path

Hawke’s Bay’s first complete financial planning service has been launched by Cole Murray, providing Kiwis with a ‘fiscal compass’ to increase their financial literacy.

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