Helping you succeed in life's financial journey


Investing your KiwiSaver money with a social conscience

Responsible investment is a process that takes account of environmental, social, and governance issues when selecting where to invest your money.

Client story: Getting on the property ladder just in time!

With 30 grandkids and two of their children still living at home, grandparents John and Charmaine Blom needed it to be about family when it came to purchasing their first home.

Why is Financial Planning Important?

Most importantly, financial planning is a continuous process - the compass that keeps you on track.

Retirement Planning - meet the experts

At Cole Murray we are lucky enough to have some amazing people working for us, who are experts in helping people plan for retirement. It's time these people were celebrated!

What to do with a windfall - five things to think about first

Receiving a lump sum can be quite dreadful and exciting at the same time. Tempted to blow it all, or keen to hold it close to your chest? Unsure? Before you do anything, read this!

How to help your kids into home ownership - made simple

In this article we highlight two of the most common ways of helping your children into their first home.

Changes to the Health & Safety Act could be leaving you exposed

The recent amendment to the Health and Safety Act changes who is responsible for a loss and also increases the fine associated to the loss.

Thinking of buying? 3 reasons to get on the property ladder now!

Other market indicators are corroborating these facts, and it seems the market is well and truly on a growth path.

How to make the most of your KiwiSaver: the 5 must-do's!

It's great that Kiwis are becoming more and more engaged in planning for their future. With life expectancy rising in New Zealand, making a few key decisions now can really...

KiwiSaver 101: How to access your account online

Clients with a Booster KiwiSaver scheme can access their balances at any time - and there's lots of other neat things you can check too!If you've got a Booster KiwiSaver...

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