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New options popping up for business lending

19 December 2019

Written by:

Steve Davies - Mortgage Adviser

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When you're in business sometimes securing additional lending can seem harder than it needs to be.

We have seen many clients up against it and wondering why lenders need to be so strict, when they are certain they can prove their serviceability for the repayments. 

Particularly we see this in cases where clients are seeking lending for something a little 'outside of the box'. 

At Cole Murray we like to see our clients' businesses thrive.

Naturally the lenders have rules and checks in place for a reason (to ensure you are making a sustainable choice and not over-exposing yourself to financial risk). However we are pleased to see that some lenders have begun to look at the lending checks they have in place, a bit differently. 

Some lenders that we can access for you will now loan on business turn-over, instead of full financial accounts.

This may open doors for you that you previously thought unavailable.  

Do you require business lending that sits outside the 'norm'?

For business loans we may be able to help you if for instance you: 

If this sounds of interest, we encourage you have a chat with one of our Mortgage Advisers to explore your options. Feel free to get in touch and book an appointment here, or talk to your existing Cole Murray Mortgage Adviser directly

We wish you every success in your business ventures. 

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