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The residential care subsidy - could a trust upset your eligibility?

A long-term stay in a rest home or hospital is a costly but often necessary reality. This article looks at the government subsidies available, and whether placing assets in a trust could work against you. Sit down with a nice cup of tea for this one!

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Five money lessons you can teach your kids, and maybe yourself?

Who said financial skills are just for grown-ups? The importance of teaching kids about money goes well beyond money itself. Check out the 5 money lessons you can teach your kids now.

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Dollars and Sense (No. 1) - Feel the fear & ask yourself four questions

In this monthly column Mike will answer some of those common questions and give you down to earth, realistic and workable financial advice. So, why is having a plan important?

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What to expect before you’re expecting – the 6-step baby plan you can’t be without

We all know babies and children cost money, but with a bit of fore-thought and planning you can mentally (and financially) prepare. Here are the 6-steps you (or your loved ones) need to know.

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What happens if I die without a Will?

It's smart to take some control over what happens when you die, and everyone has assets of some sort (even KiwiSaver and Life Insurance are assets!). Here's what you need to know about providing for your family when you go.

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Let's not struggle this year! Here's goal setting made easy.

We've built you an easy monthly goal setting planner for everything you want to achieve - so that 2017 can be a whole lot easier than last year! Download & print here or request one by mail.

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Our top 6 ways to save money at Christmas

It doesn't have to be all about the moolah!

Here's how to give without digging your household into a hole of debt.

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What is a financial plan? (and how it can help you do things!)

Most of the time when New Zealanders think of financial planning they think retirement planning or investments. Read more

Helping to get Kiwis on the right financial path

Hawke’s Bay’s first complete financial planning service has been launched by Cole Murray, providing Kiwis with a ‘fiscal compass’ to increase their financial literacy!

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Why is Financial Planning Important?

Most importantly, financial planning is a continuous process - the compass that keeps you on track. Read more

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