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Five ways to turn your house into a 'Cash Cow'

Putting up your house for rent or sale? There are ways to make your house stand out in the property market without overspending.

If you’re looking for inspiration and fresh ideas, here’s a collection of expert tips to help you get the most bang for your buck.

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Buying or renting? There are pros to both

Buying or renting? It’s an age-old debate. But before you choose one side or the other, take the necessary time to understand how these relate to your needs and long-term goals.

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Job-hopping may affect your mortgage options

Are you a job-hopper or a long-termer? Job-hopping has become more common these days, but keep in mind that switching jobs too often may affect your ability to achieve certain financial goals... Like getting a mortgage. Here's what you need to know.

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Step onto the property ladder with a HomeStart Grant

Ready to buy your first home? If you belong to KiwiSaver, purchasing a property may be easier than you think. Find out if you're eligible for a HomeStart Grant, and how much you can receive...

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Dollars & Sense (No. 4) - How you can buy a house

Unlike in the major cities, many Hawke’s Bay homes are still priced within reach of most of us, making home ownership a reality rather than a dream. Here's how to make it happen for you.

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Get your house sale-ready in five steps

How can you make sure your home truly shows off all of its features? As a would-be seller, you can take a few steps to win buyers’ hearts and maximise the potential of your property. 

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Commercial property – are the banks blocking your plans for greatness?

With the commercial loans we have seen approved over the years there’s one thing we can say with surety – every proposition is unique. Don't just take the bank's word for it, find out where the options exist!

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Why mortgage advisers are better positioned to maximise the bank’s offerings than ever before

Big changes are happening out there in the banking world, with technology playing a greater part in all of our lives. Here's how Mortgage Advisers can provide the advantage for you.

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Moving on up - how to buy & sell your home in today's market

Ever thought about picking up and moving to a new home? Whatever your reason for dreaming these aspirational dreams, you may still be unsure how to actually go about it, or whether you have enough equity in your current home to allow yourself to get excited. If so, this article has been written for you.

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Saving for a home? Why you need to consider your KiwiSaver set-up.

Putting money away in a bank account is one thing, but gearing up your KiwiSaver so that it’s optimised for a house purchase is another.  Are you prepared if the markets fall and you lose a chunk of your investment right before you go to buy the house? Find out what you need to know here.

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