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How much deposit do I need to buy a house?

So you're thinking of taking the exciting step into home ownership, but not sure how much of a deposit you actually need? Good question! 

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Client story: Getting on the property ladder just in time!

Local grandparents secure their first home with the help of Cole Murray's mortgage and insurance advisers.
With 30 grandkids and two of their children still living at home, grandparents John and Charmaine Blom needed it to be about family when it came to purchasing their first home...

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How to help your kids into home ownership - made simple

In this article we highlight two of the most common ways of helping your children into their first home. Read more

Thinking of buying? 3 reasons to get on the property ladder now!

This presents a real opportunity for anyone thinking of buying to start now, as time is a key factor in securing a good purchase price. Read more

Personal loans - 6 pitfalls to watch out for

We want to arm you so that you go into every contract with your eyes wide open!

Here are 6 common personal loan pitfalls we see people suffer from, and how you can avoid them for yourself.

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How to pay off the mortgage faster

With the official cash rate as low as it is, New Zealanders are presented with some of the best conditions for paying off the mortgage faster.
If you’ve ever wondered how to achieve this, here’s your chance to get started.

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What is home loan pre-approval, and when and how do you get it?

You stumble across a home that you’re dead keen on, only the auction is this weekend. And you don’t have pre-approval. So you’re out of the running. Better luck next time?

Here's how getting mortgage pre-approval early will put you ahead of the pack.

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