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Wondering What to Do with your Bonus Bond Funds?

With only a week or so to go those who have Bonus Bonds should act fast if they want to withdraw funds by deadline at the end of October 2020. If you’re activated for MyBonusBonds you can do it online. 

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Are you in a “default” KiwiSaver fund? Why you may want to switch

If you don’t recall ever making an active choice of fund, the answer is likely to be yes. And here’s why you may need to do something about it.

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How to perfectly time the Stock Market

We often hear from investors that they are worried about how they time the stock market. Here's a demonstration on how to perfectly time the market… 

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Till death do us part: KiwiSaver in a break-up or passing

Upkeeping a KiwiSaver scheme is pretty straightforward, but what about those moments in life where the situation becomes a little more complicated? This article gives you the critical things you need to consider.

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Debunking five KiwiSaver myths

Think you know all you need to know about KiwiSaver? Or is a KiwiSaver myth keeping you from maximising your retirement savings?

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Could your KiwiSaver savings use a Boost?

We are offering no-obligation 15 minute KiwiSaver sessions right now. We have a proven track record in helping clients get more out of their KiwiSaver. In 15 minutes we will be able to show you where you may have been leaving money on the table, and the next steps for growing your savings. Read on!

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Local Wairoa lender on a bright new journey

Wairoa local and long-time bank employee, Tania Heighway has made the decision to branch out on her own as a qualified Mortgage and Insurance Adviser, back by Cole Murray. Find out more about Tania here...

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Our ‘secret sauce’ for six financial resolutions

Oh, New Year's resolutions – We never get tired of them. The problem is, even with the best intentions, they tend to quickly run out of steam. 

So why not make 2019 the year of ‘sticking to your financial plans’? Our Team of friendly advisers have come together to share their ‘secret sauce’ for six common resolutions.

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A New Year's checklist to boost your savings

New Year’s resolutions seem to have a habit of becoming a distant memory by the time Easter rolls around. But if you boosting your savings is on your to-do list, check out our tips to keep your savings plans on track all year round.

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How to make a good investment: Why work with an investment adviser?

Your needs, your goals, your budget – if you are looking to invest your hard-earned money and grow your wealth, working with an investment adviser may be the push into action you need.

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