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Commercial property – are the banks blocking your plans for greatness?

18 August 2017

Written by:

Steve Davies - Mortgage Adviser

There has been increased interest recently from commercial property buyers, as more are seeing commercial as an attractive alternative to the residential market.

Where buyers and owners often come unstuck though, is coming up against resistance from the bank and/or accepting the word of one or two sources.

Commercial property blocked for no good reason

With the commercial loans we have seen approved over the years there’s one thing we can say with surety – every proposition is unique, with a unique set of potential solutions.

Options are out there for:

These are all issues that we have helped other clients to overcome. We even have intel on an Australian institution that is treating kiwis on the same basis as Aussie citizens, opening up the Australian property market for investors (where the 40% equity rules do not apply).

We can’t promise that the bank will always say yes, although they often do. But what we can promise is that, whatever your proposition and whatever is in its way, we can use our networks and resources to give you a strong chance at approval.

Would you like to have another crack?

As Mortgage Advisers our mortgage team have access to many different options for commercial buyers. We can help to provide another set of eyes over your plans and application, and present options that you may not have otherwise considered (or that the bank may not have offered to you).

We have had success with our approach to the banks and would be happy to explore new avenues for you.

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