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How insurance advice helped us when it mattered most

20 September 2018

Written by:

Jeremy Cole - Director / Financial Adviser

We never want to see anyone have to use their life or trauma insurance.

When the unthinkable happened (in the form of leukaemia) for this client, we took solace that we were at least able to help in a small way. 

The following is a letter we received from our client who sadly needed us, but gladly found some support through the caring style of insurance advice provided by our own Insurance Adviser, Sue DaulbyHis words are shared with you here.

Life Insurance Adviser Hawkes Bay

"We have dealt with Cole Murray for quite a few years, and have had different policies with you in that time.

I have recently been diagnosed with MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome) which is a form of Leukaemia affecting my bone marrow.

Whilst I was talking with Sue Daulby on the matter of my life cover, which is due to expire when I turn 65 years of age soon, that I was presently going through chemotherapy treatment.

Sue suggested we investigate the possibility of an “Early Payment of Life Cover.”

This I had not even thought of, as just the shock of having being diagnosed with cancer was hard enough to deal with on its own.

With Sue’s help & guidance we urgently went about filling out forms and getting specialists letters together.

Three days later we got confirmation that the claim form was received by the insurer and that I would be contacted by them on the outcome.

Again, within a few days the insurer contacted me - as did Sue – to say the claim had been accepted.

This was a successful outcome for me, without the added drama of going backwards and forwards between all those associated with my treatment and care.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Sue for her smart thinking, and quick attention to details that saw this come to an exceptional outcome for me and my wife. 

Sue’s knowledge of the policy terms and conditions meant the difference of the outcome we achieved.

Her manner in which she has dealt with us over the years is second to none. We can’t thank her enough, as the position I found myself in was truly life changing, and her ability has given us some peace of mind for whatever time I have left.

Our sincerest regards to Sue, and all the team at Cole Murray."

At times like this we are grateful 

We'd like to take this time to thank this client and his wife so much for sharing their story with us and to our other clients, and for taking the time to let Sue know how much her knowledge and expert insurance advice truly mattered.

The team at Cole Murray would also like to thank Sue wholeheartedly for the dedication she has shown to her clients across the 17 years she has worked for us; it is truly valued.

Sue Daulby Insurance Adviser Hawkes Bay

Sue Daulby is an Insurance Adviser with Cole Murray, specialising in personal risk cover.

You can view her profile, contact her by phone on 06 870 7050 or send her an email.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash. 

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