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Could your KiwiSaver savings use a Boost?

17 February 2017

Written by:

Jeremy Cole - Director/Authorised Financial Adviser

KiwiSaver In Your Too Hard Basket?

Haven't given your KiwiSaver a thought in a looong time? You could be throwing money away!

We are offering no-obligation 15 minute KiwiSaver sessions right now - at no cost to you.

Think of it as a complimentary second opinion of your KiwiSaver plan. In this session together we will review your KiwiSaver situation and explore ways to make your savings pop. We can do this over the phone, by email or in person - your choice.

Why are we doing this? We're still celebrating the fact that we won the Booster KiwiSaver Practice of the Year Award eight years in a row! For eight years, we have been so humbled to know that the effort we make for our clients has been recognised on the national stage. 


We have a proven track record in helping clients get more out of their KiwiSaver accounts.

In 15 minutes we will be able to show you where you may have been leaving money on the table, and the next steps for growing your savings. No stress, and no obligation.

Secure your booking!

Still need convincing?

Wow you really drive a hard bargain! Why not check out a couple of our awesome, down-to-earth Advisers who will help you get on track: 

Their job is to make KiwiSaver easy for clients, and talk to clients one-on-one every year to ensure their KiwiSaver account is maximised to their best advantage. Are you getting this type of service with your current provider?

Talk to us today - your future self will thank you for it! 

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