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What is a financial plan? (and how it can help you do things!)

27 September 2016

Written by:

Mike Murray - Director / Financial Adviser

Financial Planning in New Zealand can be confusing, but we're here to make things perfectly simple for you. After all, it's as easy as knowing what you want in life, and making a plan to achieve it. 

Most of the time when New Zealanders think of financial planning they think retirement planning or investments. But at Cole Murray, financial planning is a bit more logical - it's about looking at your total financial picture, not just one thing in isolation, and helping you plan and achieve your goals at every stage along your financial journey.

And if you're prone to have life get in the way of a good plan, think of financial planning as the compass that keeps you on track, and your Authorised Financial Adviser as your faithful guide.

So, what's the process for a financial plan?


Like any good plan it requires solid implementation and follow up - it's not designed to sit in the bottom of the drawer! Your Authorised Financial Adviser will keep in touch with you at agreed intervals to ensure things are on track for you and to make adjustments as life happens. 

Bonnie Parkes Authorised Financial Adviser Planner NZ  

- Bonnie Timu, Authorised Financial Adviser

"I have ten years’ experience in the financial services industry and over that time I’ve learnt so much about people’s financial lives, often helping them when times were tough – something that has made me passionate about finding ways to make a difference at the times that matter. Think of me as your port of call for all things financial, taking a proactive approach to your financial future," says Bonnie.

So, what's in 'The Plan'?

The Plan is a personal tool you can use to get the most out of your financial life. The plans themselves are very easy to follow and provide simple steps on how to achieve success, not only this your Authorised Financial Planner is there to ask the hard questions and to provide support and encouragement.

The Plan covers:

Our expertise lies in identifying your areas of need and setting an individualised plan that is unique to you. This process is totally collaborative with you – after all it is your plan!

Having a plan will help you do things!

Once you have a plan in place, you'll likely be amazed at the freedom you will have. Knowing you have a plan removes stress, worry and guilt around money, and allows you to enjoy your lifestyle today knowing tomorrow is under control. Hello holidays!

Most importantly, the plan is there for you to protect your family and loved ones. It's about making the changes now that could benefit you and your children in the future. 

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