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Everyone’s vision of retirement is different, and with realistic advice and careful planning, we can help you build your nest egg to ensure you and your family will be financially secure once you’ve stopped working.

‘Watch the cents and the dollars will look after themselves’

Whether retirement is many years off or just around the corner, it’s never too early, or too late to start planning for it. Watching the ‘cents’ is something we can do everyday, so our ‘dollars’ can deliver us comfort when we need it.

At Cole Murray we understand that there’s more to retirement planning than just making regular contributions into a KiwiSaver account and crossing your fingers it will be enough. There are many investment options available and deciding which is the right one for you can be plain overwhelming.

Our team are here to help you through the process of choosing which investment plan will work best with your life and goals. We’ll talk about what level of risk you are comfortable with, how a plan will work with your other commitments and, with access to the best retirement investment schemes available, we’ll find the right fit.

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Need to build a financial plan or generate wealth through investments? We can help with that too.


KiwiSaver is a simple and affordable way to invest and save for retirement. Your choice of provider and scheme is vital, so we'll help you choose from an extensive range of investment options, meaning you get to choose what level of return you would like to see from your money, over a determined period of time. 

We'll help you make the most of your KiwiSaver account by revealing how your decisions today can impact your savings down the track, and we'll prompt you when we think your settings could be optimised. We'll even manage it for you.

We can also provide socially responsible options for investing your KiwiSaver money with a social conscience - just ask us.

Why KiwiSaver is a no-brainer

When you contribute to KiwiSaver you can be eligible for a member tax credit of up to $521.43 each year, and on-going your employer may also contribute to your fund. If retirement is a long way off, you may be able to use your KiwiSaver money to put towards buying your first home.

We can also help you with transferring your Australian Super home to a New Zealand KiwiSaver account.

If you're not sure where to start, read our 5 ways to get started on retirement and financial planning, or simply talk to us.

We can talk you through the many options KiwiSaver may be able to offer you.

Our fees

In most cases we are remunerated (paid) by the provider, in which case our KiwiSaver service comes at no cost to you. Fees may be charged for more detailed retirement and savings plans, if required. In our no-obligation initial consultation with you we will provide you with our disclosure statement, which outlines how we get paid and whether there will be any fee for the service (before we undertake any work). A disclosure statement is available, on request and free of charge.

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Ian Fraser, Mortgage, Insurance & KiwiSaver Adviser

Hayley O'Brien, KiwiSaver Adviser & Administrator

Anthony Floyd, Insurance & KiwiSaver Adviser

Bonnie Timu, Authorised Financial Adviser | Financial Planning

Jeremy Cole, Authorised Financial Adviser

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Why work with us?

We have a thorough understanding and extensive knowledge of the different retirement savings options available to you, and will look at these in context of your unique situation. We'll present this in a way that's easy to understand, and stay in touch with you every year to discuss your changing needs.

What does that mean for you?

It means you'll have all the information to ensure the right option for you, help with completing the paperwork and, ongoing, we save you time and energy by undertaking the review and management of your chosen scheme, making sure it continues to work in line with your goals. 

Some of the schemes we can help with

ANZ Investments
Booster KiwiSaver
KiwiSaver Scheme New Zealand
Milford KiwiSaver

Kia Ora, I would like to say thank you so much and especially a big thank you to Hayley for the work she has done in assisting to get the funds back. The advice she has given me in investing my money with Booster and how best to see it working for me has been really appreciated. Once again a big thank you.

- Debbie

"Good financial adviser, strait shooter, would and do recommend Jeremy Cole and the whole (Cole Murray) firm. Great people. Cheers."

- Chris

"Highly recommend Ian Fraser, he worked very hard to get us a great deal with buying our house, life insurance that suited us and the kids for the future at a great price. Also sorted my KiwiSaver out to get the most return. I still get follow up emails /phone calls to make sure everything is fine and we're not forgotten (always works for the people's interest not his)."

- Alyssa

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