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This is the last and most important stop in your Financial Life Journey. Choosing how you invest your hard earned money is key, and not something you should ever do without sound industry advice. Every day we help our clients to plan for their future and work towards their financial goals.

‘A penny saved is a penny earned’

Generating wealth is about looking at these financial goals, seeing where you are now and where you want to be, and then making a robust plan to achieve these goals as best possible.

Looking to invest some money?

We’ll sit down and agree what you want to achieve – your priorities may include retirement or future-proofing for the next generation. Whether you’re looking at a short or long term plan, we’ll help you grow your investments and keep your nest eggs secure.

We know the role money plays in your life, and deciding how to invest is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Our Financial Advisers have access to national and international specialised research managers and funds that offer the best investment opportunities on the market, including bonds and shares.

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Understand your risk profile

Your individual risk profile allows us to determine the most effective portfolio to allow you to work toward your goals and we’ll carefully manage and regularly review your funds to ensure they continue to perform in line with your expectations.

The Cole Murray investment service is firmly anchored with sound industry experience and research. Our knowledge of the world of wealth generation is proven and achieved from creating dynamic plans, providing you with the most successful opportunities and results.

Together we’ll build an investment portfolio that grows and nurtures your future wealth – making your pennies multiply.

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Jeremy Cole, Director / Financial Adviser

Hayley O’Brien KiwiSaver / Investment Adviser


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Why work with us?

Our reputation is strong because we have proven results, achieved through sound investment strategies, based on portfolios created uniquely for our clients. We have access to up-to-date specialised research managers and funds, both in New Zealand and offshore, as well as additional investment opportunities to which you may not have direct access.

What does that mean for you?

A whole world of investment opportunities becomes available to you, along with the reassurance of previous proven results. We'll save you precious time through the ongoing monitoring and tracking of your funds, ensuring your goals are on track to being met and your financial journey continues on the path you've worked so hard to pave. 

Some of the partners we work with

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KiwiSaver Scheme New Zealand
Strategi Group

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